Adam Lambert Has Been Dropped From His Record Label: What’s Next For Him?

Adam Lambert at the VH1 Divas event

Adam Lambert has been dropped from his record label 19 Recordings. The American Idol runner-up who has been busy criticizing the singing in Les Miserables will be on the look-out for a new recording company who will be willing to take on Adam under their roof after his recording contract with 19R came to an end.

… and let’s be honest for a second, Lam-Lam hasn’t really had a real hit for quite a long time now. In fact, we can’t even remember what his last album was called. Yikes!

The label and Lambert constantly clashed on the music he was bringing out — neither of the two could ever agree on what was going to be released as the next single, what could bring him back in the limelight and what directions he should take as an artist. Oh and the promotions for his records weren’t too great either if we must admit.

An insider lets fans know why it’s a good reason that he’s no longer with them:

“It’s good for both sides. Adam can move forward with his plans and 19 isn’t stuck in the middle.”

Um.. okay. Not exactly a positive thing to say, but hey – look on the bright side, he can now be a free spirit and maybe find a new job as something else other than a musician. Maybe a stylist? We could definitely see that happening in the near future.

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