Lindsay Lohan To Dead Marilyn Monroe: “I’m Taking You To Court For Cutting My Profits”

Lindsay Lohan Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan never fails to amuse us! According to new reports, the actress is planning on suing a dead actress – Marilyn Monroe – over the 6126 trademark. According to reports, Lilo is to file a $1.1 million lawsuit through her attorney Perry Wander over the 6126 collection. The lawsuit is in regards of Lindsay’s claim that she designed leggings that were sold by the clothing company.

She claims she owns the 6126 trademark; which logically makes no sense because the figures represent Marilyn’s birthday (June 1, 1926). Lindsay seems to have a lot of work going on with court nowadays as she is faced the judge yesterday for her stupidity when she lied to the cops last year, claiming she didn’t drive the car that was severely damaged after she got into a car accident.

We reported yesterday about her and Dina being rejected by two Santa Monica Hotels because the first one she tried to get a room at refused to service her since she trashed the place back in 2007 while the other was supposedly “full at the time”. LiLo looked tired when she got to court yesterday, barely cracking a smile at the judge who told her she was “glad you’re feeling better”, referring to the “New York flu” that Lindsay caught earlier this week.

Reports say, Judge Sautner asked a sleepy Lindsay if she was Ok with the New York attorney Mark Heller who replaced Lindsay’s longtime lawyer Shawn Holley. “I’m okay with it today” she replied. She’s hilarious, we must say. Sautner reassured Lilo that she can’t be okay with it just for today; will he represent her for the case full-time or not? She nodded and said she was fine with that. Clearly, she had hoped that Shawn would come back and help her out of this mess, but even she couldn’t be bothered with her anymore. Holley was fired just a little under two weeks ago and now Lindsay wants her back? Something’s definitely wrong with this girl.

We hear Mark arrived to the court with a rabbit’s foot hanging on his bag for good luck. The judge set March 1 as the next hearing date. We’re all praying she goes to jail!

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