Kim Kardashian Pissed At Kanye West For Not Allowing Her To Name Her Baby With A ‘K’

Kris Jenner, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is angry at the fact that Kanye West has no intentions on having his first child have a name that starts with a ‘K’. Our first thought on this was that he was just being a hypocrite, seeing that his own name also starts with a ‘K’, but maybe he just wants something else for the little fella — he’s probably already struggling to keep up with the many K’s in the Kardashian/Jenner household. LOLz.

According to sources, Kris Jenner and Kim have approached the rapper with the idea of having the baby called ‘K’ – Kris thinks this is a perfect idea, seeing that the 32-year old would be the first daughter to name her own child with a ‘K’. Kourtney Kardashian opted out of having all of her children with that particular letter because she felt it was silly, but Kim and Kris feel otherwise,- it has become a tradition to them and Kim will do whatever it takes to have her baby’s name start with a ‘K’. How pathetic of her.

West has already told Kris that her idea sucks – of course, in a more gentle way so that he wouldn’t hurt her sensitive feelings – but Jenner will continue pushing her luck to try and convince Kanye what a great business opportunity this would be for the three of them. Umm.. how would the baby’s name affect any kind of business?!

Unless he/she will launch her clothing line and Kris wants it to be called K… Kardashian West — that woman is pretty much capable of anything, so we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. Kim is being overdramatic and Kris is just looking for a way to get more money out of her 10% monthly paycheck. Poor Kanye, – at least he knows how to stick up for himself!

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