Has Ellen Degeneres Fallen For Katy Perry? Portia de Rossi Plans To File Divorce Papers If It’s True!

ellen degeneres portia de rossi divorce

Katy Perry and Ellen

Ellen Degeneres has one of the biggest crushes on Katy Perry and her wife Portia de Rossi is far from happy about it. According to sources, Ellen has been flirting with a bunch of female celebrities in the past few months, but the one she just can’t control herself over is Katy – and the evidence is clearly there. The photo above shows Degeneres checking out Ms. Perry’s big ol’ boobs – and she doesn’t seem to care that Portia is looking.

Now, to us it looks like a harmless picture – Ellen is clearly joking in reference to the dress that Katy decided to wear to the Grammys, which was showing a lot of cleavage, while Rossi finds the whole thing super funny. Why else would she close her eyes and show her teeth!? Unless she’s imagining eating a cheeseburger from Burger King? Hmm, we’ll go with suggestion number one. Ha.

Earsucker explains how the talk-show host has been in love with the singer since she first came on the scene with her hit single, I Kissed A Girl. Over the years, her desire to be in Perry’s presence has become stronger and stronger, up to the point where she can barely contain herself. A source said: “Ellen has had a crush on Katy ever since I Kissed A Girl hit the radio. Portia used to think it was cute, but it’s starting to get old, and she thinks Ellen took it way too far at the Grammys. She’s worried that Ellen may want to kiss Katy for real! Portia feels threatened by Katy – she’s hotter, younger and has huge boobs.”

On top of that, Ellen’s marriage to Portia hasn’t been the best in recent months. The website continues to state that the two have been struggling to find time for each other with Ellen’s busy schedule getting worse and worse; she spends most of her days on the set of her show at the Warner Bros. studios and when she gets home, all she wants to do is sleep. Not exactly what Portia signed herself up for.

The source continued: “Ellen and Portia adore each other, and they’re not going to give up on their marriage without a fight. Taking on the role of mentor will definitely improve matters at home, because Portia knows that in the long run it will free Ellen up to spend more time with her. Ellen loves the idea of taking a struggling artist and changing her life. But she also loves the idea of letting this woman take over for her occasionally, so she can focus more on Portia.”

Yikes! Though we HIGHLY doubt any of it is true, seeing that Ellen loves Portia more than anyone OR anything in the world, there can always be that slight possibility that there’s some kind of truth to this story. Read more on the potential divorce between Ellen and Portia at EarSucker.

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