Jennifer Garner Ready To File For Divorce From Ben Affleck? Marriage Said To Be In Crisis

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner split

After eight years of marriage, Jennifer Garner is said to be considering a divorce from Ben Affleck due to their constant fighting.

The couple, who come across as the most happiest pair in Hollywood, are the complete opposite when they are at home; constantly arguing over the littlest things and sadly, their kids VioletSamuel Garner and Seraphina have to hear their parents go at it on a daily basis.

Sources say that the two have tried therapy, but it’s no use. Jennifer has been trying to make an effort by supporting her hubby after being nominated for an Academy Award after an outstanding performance in the movie, Argo – which also won him a Golden Globe earlier this year.

But the speech he gave at the Oscars had surprised a lot of people; it was the first time he publicly stated that his marriage wasn’t perfect. Then again, who’s marriage doesn’t have its ups and downs? Everyone does. To us, it seemed weird that he would address it so publicly though.

Ben confessed:

“I want to thank my wife, I want thank you for working on our marriage for ten Christmases, it’s- uh, it’s- it’s good, it is work, but it’s the best kind of work, and, uh, there’s no one I’d rather work with.”

Garner was said to have been fuming by his comments,- she felt embarrassed to be in the building with hundreds of celebrities looking at her after Affleck said what he had to say on stage, she even considered leaving her table and head back home, but that would have caused too much of a stir.

Only time will tell whether or not Jennifer will file divorce papers, but we’re hoping she gives it another shot. We’d also recommend her to see Kourtney Kardashian’s therapist; she seems to have magically “fixed” Scott Disick’s wild behavior, so maybe she can sort whatever problem these guys are having between each other?

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