Chris Brown On Drugs: Shocking New Pictures Show A Very Odd Looking Breezy Out In LA

Chris Brown back in the days Chris Brown ghetto hoody

Anyone who tries to deny the fact that Chris Brown is on drugs is delusional. The 23-year old was spotted over the weekend out and about with his new bodyguard after getting into another brawl with his former guard, Big Patt – who had been working working for him nearly six years.

Chris had made his way out of a studio in Los Angeles before he pulled a cigarette which he seemed to have been enjoying. But that’s not the point; his overall look has changed through the years… he looks very fragile, his eyes show that he hasn’t slept in a while and his behavior is self-explanatory.

Earlier this month, Chris had canceled his scheduled plans for radio interviews in Ghana in which he reportedly received $1 million for, before headlining a show that same week with a blunt in his hand, which angered the people who had turned up. It was clear that Breezy wasn’t taking anything serious.

I don’t even understand why he bothers going to the studio anymore, the album will most likely flop, just like the last two. F.A.M.E was a mess, it’s still awaiting to surpass 1 million copies in sales, while Fortune was heavily criticized for its gimmicky sound.

If it wasn’t for Rihanna, Chris wouldn’t even be relevant anymore. His desire to constantly start drama with people that haven’t done anything to him is starting to get on people’s nerves. Brown hasn’t been able to recover from the incident in 2009 with his girlfriend,- he still seems affected by it, and as much as he state he doesn’t care what people think, his change from ’09 to ’13 says otherwise.

Drugs are not the answer to your problems, Chris!

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