Kathie Lee Hoda Wants You To Know She Has A Bushy Vagina, She’s Against Shaving Down Below

Kathie Lee Hoda Kotb

Kathie Lee Gifford has made it pretty clear that she doesn’t groom down below because she finds it bizarre, seeing that being hairy is a natural thing. Um… thanks Kathie – now we have the thought of you naked with a bushy vagina! Great.

While Hoda Kotb took on the subject of grooming, Kathie brought the giggles to the table as she admitted to not keeping it nice and tidy down below. It got a little tense when Kathie said she believed that 50% of the population tend to keep it cute by shaving their bits and bobs while the other half let it grow out.

Then, it moves on to a very awkward, yet hilarious question — Gifford asks her co-host whether she grooms or not, to which Hoda responded to by saying she uses the landing strips, which seemed to have left Kathie in total shock! Haha. There’s seriously no surprise why this segment of the TODAY show does so well on NBC.

See the video below to finally get to know a little bit more about Hoda and Kathie’s vaginas. It’s a little disturbing but even their camera crew couldn’t stop giggling in the background. Describing this clip as awkward is an understatement!

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