Amber Heard Begs Johnny Depp For A Big Time Hollywood Role As ‘Paranoia’ Majorly Flops!

johnny depp amber heard career flop

Amber Heard is so embarrassed by her latest movie Paranoia bombing at the box office, she’s seeking for help from her boyfriend Johnny Depp to get her career back on track.

Now, we gotta clarify what we mean by a movie bombing – we mean a catastrophic opening week in which the movie doesn’t make any movie. Amber’s latest movie made a low $3.5 million in its opening week and the critics weren’t too pleased either with her efforts.

The 27-year old was so devastated by the film’s flop she’s hoping that Johnny can put her back in the spotlight and help her land a big time Hollywood role that’ll make people finally see that she does have potential to be classed as an A-list actress, because as of right now she’s nowhere near that point.

Johnny Depp has a lot of connections in the film industry. He’s usually considered the director of the movies he stars in though he doesn’t get credit for it – directors really respect his ideas, his say and of course his talent and therefore wouldn’t go against him.

A source revealed:

“Amber is gutted by the flop of her newest movie, but she’s got Johnny to bounce back on. He is currently talking to top movie directors that he’s working with to hopefully land her a part in one of their projects.”

The actor is currently speaking with James Bobin – the director of Alice in Wonderland 2 – to see if Amber Heard could be written into a storyline; he’s not asking for anything big but at least a role that’ll give his girlfriend some camera time.

Wow, so Johnny Depp must be a really good boyfriend to care for Amber’s career that much that he’s willing to put her in a possible blockbuster movie.

Let’s face it, Amber has never had a lead role in a BIG movie… unless you consider Zombieland as a hit, or The Playboy Club, or Syrup, or The Joneses. These are all crap movies no one bothered to see.

If Amber Heard gets her way and manages to scoop a role that’ll help her come out of her shell a little, the movie offers will just keep on flowing in. Good luck.

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