Lamar Odom Had A Fetish For Feet And Is A Freaky Lover, Jennifer Richardson Claims

lamar odom foot fetish

Lamar Odom had a serious fetish for nice feet, Jennifer Richardson claims in a new tabloid magazine.

The mistress, who alleges to have had a six month affair with the married NBA star, revealed some very juicy details about her sex life with Lamar and what kinda things they would get up to during his time away from Khloe Kardashian.

During their romps, Jennifer claims that Lamar Odom loved playing and kissing her feet; he’s a sucker for nice feet in beautiful shoes. Occasionally, he’d meet up with her and tell her to put on the new pairs of Louboutins he bought for her so he can see those beautiful feet in expensive heels.

Jennifer Richardson tells the tabloid:

“Feet and shoes are his thing. He’s an emotional, affectionate, freaky lover… [He’s] a very good lover. He’s intuitive and loves to be touched and have somebody close.”

Khloe is probably thinking to herself, ‘Dayum, how did she know that he has a foot fetish?’. Umm.. probably because they were together for half a year and didn’t feel the need to let you in on their little secret. Ha.

No, but on a serious note it’s sad to see that Khloe is just being torn apart over this whole thing. Last week, she was seen making her way to the Hilton hotel in Calabasas where Lamar was said to be staying, seeing that his car was parked outside.

The reality star is doing everything she can to try and patch up the problems the two have faced in their marriage, but honestly – a man who cheats on you with several women doesn’t respect you and needs to be divorced.

Imagine all of the toes Lamar has been sucking with all those women he has been linked to in recent weeks. That’s freaking dis-gusting!!

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