Kim Kardashian’s Tearful Plea To Kanye West Forced Him To Appear On Kris Jenner’s Show

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Kim Kardashian forced Kanye West to make an appearance on Kris Jenner‘s talk-show by hysterically crying and pleading him to just give her mother a chance.

The two, who have supposedly not seen eye to eye ever since Kanye started seeing Kim last year, are trying to put their big egos aside to work out a resolution that will both please them.

With Kris’ ratings tanking incredibly low, despite a very strong start, Jenner asked Kim Kardashian to see if she could get Kanye to appear on an episode of her show to help her momager hopefully still be in the running to land a full season.

Kim then spoke with Kanye about this, to which he instantly said no, and Kim was far from happy.

All she’s wanted was for both of them to get along and put their differences aside; Kanye feels that Kris has no good intentions for he daughter and Kris feels that Kanye is messing up her brand and some serious business deals.

As Kanye then repeatedly said no, Kim started bursting out into tears, hysterically screaming that she just wants her mom and her beau to get along, saying that it would mean the world to her.

A source tells the National Enquirer:

“Kim Kardashian was in constant tears because both controlling Kris and domineering Kanye kept demanding things be done their way! Kanye insisted Kim should lay back, relax, and enjoy beautiful moments with their little Nori. But Kris had people in the house constantly, bringing them in to see the baby.”

Okay, now that’s a bad thing to do. You don’t invite people over to come see the baby if the father of the child isn’t happy with the idea of having dozens of people come over. Of course that’s going to start an argument.

The source then further added:

“Worse, she kept bombarding Kim with new projects, story ideas for their show, photo shoots, etc. Then it all came to a head when Kanye erupted, forbidding Kris from talking shop to her daughter — that’s when Kim finally broke down in tears, begging them to stop.”

Oh mayyyn. Can Kris Jenner not put business duties to one side for one second while Kim Kardashian tries to bond with her two-month old baby girl? That’s sickening to think she’d be pushing Kim like that after she just had a baby.

After Kim talked to Kanye about her feelings about her mom’s feud with ‘Ye, the rapper decided that he needed to figure out a solution to make his perfect bitch happy again. He knows that’s the mother of his child and he doesn’t want to see her upset.

This prompted him to agree to appear on Kris’ talk show, as a source adds that this could potentially be a start of something amazing – from here on out the door is open for them to be more talk active with each other.

Kanye’s done her a favor, now she’s probably going to have to do him one too. Only time will tell what it’ll be.

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