Tim McGraw Cheated On Faith Hill With Taylor Swift: Faith Files For Immediate Divorce

faith hill tim mcgraw divorce taylor swift cheating

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill‘s divorce is all down to his cheating with Taylor Swift – yes, the sweet and innocent Tay-Tay.

Faith is reportedly convinced that Taylor has been sleeping with her man for the past couple of years and blames her as the reason she and her hubby are now getting a divorce.

Faith has been trying everything she can to keep her husband’s attention, but nothing’s working for her anymore – he constantly brushes her off whenever she wants to do something with him, they allegedly live in the same house but rarely speak to each other and Tim is constantly seen with different girls.

Though Tim McGraw denies all of these claims in the media, Faith knows the truth and is done living in a marriage where the other half doesn’t respect their loved one. Sad, right?

So how does Taylor Swift fit in this picture? Well, Taylor has been friends with the married couple for years now, she has even publicly said that she considers them as her country star idols – which is a fair point with the massive success they have had.

After they formed a close bond, Taylor was invited to their home every now and then to chill and talk about music, and it wasn’t long until Tim started welcoming Swift over his home on a constant basis which eventually got Faith Hill thinking there’s something fishy going on.

She’s not stupid – Taylor was in her home every other day, Tim didn’t want to speak or do anything with her and he stayed away from his wife as much as he could. Oh and not to forget the evidence that Taylor is a serial dater.

Must we really go through all the guys she’s dated in recent years? Cory Monteith, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, etc.

The National Enquirer further adds that Tim McGraw’s relationship to his wife can no longer be saved – she’s done and he’s not willing to put up a fight for it. They’ve been distant from each other for some time now, it’s almost as if Tim wanted this to happen.

Faith Hill used to look at Taylor as her daughter, but later on started to consider her as her biggest competition when it comes to making Tim McGraw happy. How bizarre is that?!?!

Taylor, you better stop this!!

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