Ellen Degeneres Secretly Falling In Love With Katy Perry: Portia de Rossi Wants Out Of Marriage!

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Ellen Degeneres has become a serial flirt when it comes to her female guests on her talk-show. Matter of fact, it has gotten so bad that Portia de Rossi fears Ellen will soon ditch and divorce her for somebody else.

The report which comes from the National Enquirer says that Ellen’s wife felt incredibly jealous when she watch an interview Degeneres did with Olivia Wilde a week back. Portia thought there was too much flirting going on.

Watching the interview back, there was actually no flirting going on at all, so either Portia de Rossi is just very insecure about herself or it’s just another bogus report from a desperate tabloid magazine. You decide.

The news comes just a week after another mag said that Ellen Degeneres was ready to file for divorce from Portia because of all the flirting that she had been doing with other women. So, which is it?!?!

A close source adds that Ellen has always had a big crush on Katy Perry, having even admitted to de Rossi that the singer is one of her biggest girl crush in the world.

Portia reportedly felt uneasy after learning about Ellen’s crush on Katy and thinks that her talk-show host wife seriously needs to calm down her flirting before she decides to pull the plug and finalize the divorce.

Note that it’s also mentioned that the 55-year old may have lost her spark with Portia because she’s started to become more attracted to younger women like Katy and Olivia, which Rossi has definitely picked up on.

An insider was heard saying that the couple’s recent public outings were almost staged; while Ellen Degeneres would most likely pull a genuine smile to the photographers and fans, Portia de Rossi forces a smirk to hide the troubling marriage.


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