Vanessa Hudgens Demands A Baby By Austin Butler: “Get Me Pregnant Or I’ll Dump You”

vanessa hudgens austin butler pregnant child

vanessa hudgens austin butler pregnant childVanessa Hudgens is pressuring her boyfriend Austin Butler to have kids with her. The actress has been wanting to start a family of her own for several years now and thinks that Austin is the perfect guy she could see herself settling down with – marry, have kids, all of that stuff.

But Austin isn’t feeling her plans. He thinks he’s way too young to be having kids, especially now that his career is starting to take off. The 22-year old currently stars on The Carrie Diaries while he’s also planning to audition for movie roles once his schedule is a little less hectic.

So baby plans for him are an absolute no-no, which he has already told Vanessa Hudgens but she’s not considering that as an answer, Star magazine claims. The High School Musical starlet has allegedly given her boyfriend of almost two years an ultimatum; if he doesn’t get her pregnant by 2014, he’s out the door for good.

Her infamous split from Zac Efron were said to have been under related problems to the whole “I want a baby right now” claims, suggesting that Zac definitely wasn’t going to be a father at his very young age when his own movie career had just taken off.

When you look at Vanessa Hudgens’ recent projects, you can kind of see why she’d want to settle down; she’s not really been doing much in Hollywood and as of right now, she’s got two movies coming out over the next two years so she seems to have the time for kids and turning into a housewife.

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