Angelina Jolie Battling Anorexia Again: Veins Popping Out Of Her Arms Hints At Eating Disorder

angelina jolie skinny veins

angelina jolie skinny veinsAngelina Jolie showed off her veiny arms during a day out with her kids in Australia. According to health experts, the reason why Angie’s veins stand out from her arms so much is because of her skinny figure.

In other words it seems like Angelina is at her thinnest she’s ever been though we can’t really judge seeing that she’s wearing a black t-shirt and palazzo pants that don’t really show her figure very well. Perhaps she’s trying to hide it?

Jolie is currently Down Under as she continues work on her next directorial film, having recently wrapped filming Maleficent while also signing on to star in the sequel of Salt which is to go into production by early next year. So she’s definitely keeping herself busy.

But in the past the media has definitely kept a close eye on Angelina Jolie’s health, as some suggested that the actress sometimes “forgets” to eat without feeling any kind of hunger while the DailyMail seems to think that Angie feels the pressure to be slim in Hollywood.

The fact that she is the skinniest that she’s ever been while her arms are starting to show clear signs of veins popping out goes to show that she’s certainly not taking care of herself as much as she should. Quite sad really. How does she function on set without having eaten?

We hope ‘stinkyBrad Pitt flies down to Australia to check up on Angelina Jolie because if she’s looking this bad now that she’s in Australia, who knows what she’ll look like when she returns to Los Angeles in a few weeks time. So sad. 🙁

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