Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her Baby Bump — Finally Confirms The News!!

jennifer lopez pregnant

jennifer lopez pregnantThe rumors that Jennifer Lopez could potentially be expecting her first child to Casper Smart could potentially be true after the singer was seen sporting a slight “baby bump” over the weekend.

There’s been so much talk on Jennifer and Casper in recent weeks, from a potential break-up to rumors that Lopez couldn’t ditch Smart because she had just found out she was expecting their first child together.

We can’t tell what’s true anymore but we are a little suspicious about this whole “she’s pregnant” thing. Several sources say that Jennifer Lopez is 100% pregnant but doesn’t plan to announce it anytime soon because she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with Casper yet.

The two supposedly split up several times this year and though she wanted to call the relationship off last month, the thought of dumping the man that she was expecting the baby by just didn’t sit too well with the American Idol judge.

Jennifer Lopez has kept a low profile in the last few weeks; we only see her out and about when she’s gearing up to film the audition scenes for ‘Idol and her outfits for that show aren’t as tight as they used to be. You what we mean right? She always dressed in those tight outfits to show off her bottle-shaped bod.

Now she wears two-piece outfits that and is very skeptical on what she wears on her upper body. We can’t say that her allegedly being pregnant is the reason for her odd choice of style in recent weeks, but it could very well be.

The photo above doesn’t show anything really. It may have been the wind that blew her shirt in a way that made her look like she’s got a baby bump, but her curved back says another thing – you know when you’re pregnant, your back curves out. Ugh – we don’t know anymore. Jennifer Lopez, are you pregnant or not?!

What do you think? Is she expecting?

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