Mark Wahlberg Refusing To Attend Donnie’s Wedding To Jenny McCarthy — ‘She’s A Gold Digger’

mark wahlberg donnie wahlberg feudMark Wahlberg is refusing to let his brother Donnie Wahlberg marry Jenny McCarthy for the fact that he thinks she’s nothing more than a gold-digger.

Last month it was heavily reported that Mark and Donnie were no longer in contact with each other after the actor learned he’s in a relationship with Jenny. Mark was upset about it because he strongly believes that McCarthy wants nothing more than his money before she jumps to another guy.

This caused conflict between the two and they haven’t spoken since. So now that Mark Wahlberg is learning that Donnie and Jenny want to marry, he’s absolutely devastated about his brother’s decision knowing very well that the marriage won’t last. 

Jenny has been hinting that she could definitely see herself tying the knot with Donnie because he apparently knows how to treat a woman right, he’s also good with her son from a previous relationship and he has a good heart. Of course all of that is wonderful, but what about Jenny herself — is she nice, does she know how to treat a man? Why would Mark be so angry with her?

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie have been dating for a couple of months now and guess what… Jenny has not met Mark Wahlberg once, she even admitted it recently on the Howard Stern Show stating that they haven’t found time.

Jenny shouldn’t have said anything because we know for a fact that she’s lying. Jenny lives in Chicago and Mark has been there too for the past couple of months working on his new film, so what could possibly stop her from perhaps visiting him on set or stop by at his hotel room? Pshhh.

When it came to dishing about marriage with Donnie, here’s what she said in a recent interview:

“I told the universe I am ready for love. I said bring The One. I am not doing anymore auditions,” she admits. “I did one year of no dating, I am going to say no to everyone and if someone breaks through where I’m like, ‘Hmmm,’ then I’ll follow that, and I wound up giving him my phone number on the show. I made the first move.”

jenny mccarthy donnie wahlberg

“You know, I’ve said on every interview that I was like, ‘Never get married again ever,’ and, of course, you never say never. I think he would be an amazing husband, so if he does, I would for sure say yes. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the one proposing.”

I do think that Mark may be overreacting but sometimes with siblings, they seem to have have this instinct that the person that their relative is dating just isn’t right for them, and usually it’s true. We’ll see if these two actually end up walking down the aisle, but it doesn’t look like it on our watch. Mark won’t allow it.

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