Faith Hill Denies Tim McGraw’s Gay Cheating In Statement To ‘Cover Up The Truth’

faith hill

faith hillFaith Hill’s attempt to silence the media on rumors she was splitting from her hubby Tim McGraw has severely backfired as it’s now claimed that her statement was her way of covering up the truth.

Star magazine, who never seem to fear lawsuits from these celebs, is sticking by its story that Taylor Swift and Tim had an on-going affair for several months and when Faith eventually found out, she wanted an immediate divorce only to then learn that her husband also allegedly had a thing for men.

Another bizarre report last month described how Tim McGraw would ask male fans to STRIP fully naked in his dressing room when he was on tour, suggesting that he was bisexual. Faith Hill supposedly only learned about this when she made the move to file for divorce as she ran into a “former friend” who finally confessed the truth.

The singer denied all of these allegations last week, writing in a statement that she was happy in her marriage: “Happy is good. I don’t know why happy can’t be a story.” Her words clearly didn’t seem to mean a thing for Star magazine who are 100% certain that Faith is covering up her husband’s mess.

“Are Faith Hill and Tim McGraw headed for splitsville? No way, says the couple, but Star can reveal that the pair’s denial is just an attempt to hide the truth. Insiders say the country stars’ constant need to defend themselves is a major red flag.”

The story then goes on to say that because Faith Hill took the time out to deny these allegations must mean that there’s some truth to it. Well, had she not said anything, Star’s next story would’ve been “Faith stays quiet on Tim McGraw affairs,” so there’s really no way she can defend herself — not that she needs to anyway.

What do you think? Is the magazine reaching for another story or is Faith Hill hiding from the truth?

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