Cher Skips Son Elijah Blue’s Wedding Over Her Hatred For His Wife Marie-Angela King

cher elijah blueCher’s son, Elijah Blue, claims his mother has abandoned him after a huge falling out last year that has caused a drift between the two.

Elijah tells the National Enquirer that he and Cher had a big argument back in October, though he wouldn’t go into detail on what it was about, but it seems to have been quite severe since the pop legend has completely cut all ties with her son.

The 67-year old refused to show up to Elijah Blue’s wedding on December 1st when he married his longtime girlfriend Marie-Angela King. She also refused to invite either of the two to her family Christmas party which Elijah says was completely uncalled for and rude.

“It’s like a Mexican standoff, but we have a history,” Elijah says in the latest issue. He also addressed that there’s a lot of bad blood between his wife and his mom who have also been struggling to find a friendly path between each other.

“You’ve got two strong women, two big bulls in the pen; I think there’s a respect and I think they butt heads,” before adding: “Christmas is supposed to be about family, we’d just gotten married.”

The newlyweds supposedly moved out of the Malibu mansion that Cher gave them because of this nasty feud that they are currently involved in.

Elijah wants to make peace with his mother but according to him she’s not willing to do it and the reason why is probably down to the fact that he married a woman that Cher can’t seem to be in the presence of.

The Enquirer then continues: “Elijah and his wife are planning to have children and if Cher wants to have any part of her grandchildren’s lives, she is going to have to make some major changes.”

Cher — don’t end up having an estranged relationship with this one too. From what we hear, your relationship with Chaz Bono isn’t exactly going great either.

When asked about his half-brother in the interview, Elijah Blue says: “We’re very different,” without wanting elaborate by what he meant with those words. Hmm, looks like everybody in that family hates each other.

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