Rob Kardashian Overweight: Kris Jenner Fears Son’s Liver Will Shut Down Over Binge Eating

rob kardashianRob Kardashian has gotten so big over the past few months that Kris Jenner worries his liver may soon be shutting down.

While the reality star says he’s on a strict healthy diet, recent photos have shown otherwise which sources say is just photographic evidence to our eyes, showing that not only did Rob lie about his “healthy new diet”, he’s actually getting bigger.

It’s unclear where Rob’s weight currently stands but we do know that he’s gained more than 80lbs since December, 2012 following his break-up from British R&B singer, Rita Ora.

Sister, Kim Kardashian, supposedly made her brother see a doctor to see what his options were on getting his life back on track seeing that Rob has been complaining about leaving his home due to the fact that he feels extremely uncomfortable in his own body.

According to reports, Rob really hasn’t been taking his family’s advice seriously. They’ve all been trying to help him get back on track but he just continues to get bigger and bigger — not even his move to Florida could help his food addiction.

Kris Jenner, being the sensitive woman that she is, believes that if her son doesn’t stop eating so much food, his liver will eventually shut down and most importantly he won’t be able to host parties and sponsor companies that get her 10% of the money he makes. Boohoo.

Rob Kardashian has already distanced himself from the reality show franchise to avoid scrutiny, but what is the point of saying you will change and then you don’t end up following through with the  plan?

Written by Merema Leures

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  1. I think his liver will be fine, it’s his ego that took a hit and he needs a transplant. Rita Ora did something to his spirit.

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