Naomi Campbell Asked About Her Non-Existent Edges On The Breakfast Club — Watch Awkward Interview!

naomi campbellNaomi Campbell was definitely sitting in the hot seat in this morning’s interview on POWER 105.1’s Breakfast Club.

The supermodel faced some pretty absurd questions by Charlamagne but thankfully there were no phones being thrown nor did she start spitting at people like she used to.

Ooh, did I just shade Naomi?

But it’s all good because she addresses all the stories that have been reported about her in the media such as the two I mentioned above.

I love how she owns up to it and says that the allegations were indeed true. Then again, she went to jail for it so she can’t deny it in the first place. Ha.

Campbell had initially stopped through to promote the forthcoming season of The Face on Oxygen but as usual, the interview drifted more into Naomi’s former bad habits, why she likes to date rich men and what ever happened to her edges.

Now the last part really threw me off guard. Charlamagne squeezed the question in as DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Naomi discussed false media reports, etc. You gotta see it to understand how awkward it was when the question about her edges was asked. Btw, if you haven’t seen her edges, see the pic below.

Campbell goes on to stress that she’s not easily offended by things such as people like Charlamagne or journalists who write fabricated stories about her. She’s grown to have thick skin which has allowed her to enjoy a modeling career that has surpassed two decades! Tell ‘em!

The 43-year old also briefly discussed her friendship with Jay-Z, her close bond with the late Nelson Mandela and why she doesn’t hate on video vixens who consider themselves as legit models. The interview is juicy — you don’t wanna miss this!

naomi campbell

Written by Merema Leures

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