Robert Pattinson Working On Solo Album — Writing Songs About Kristen Stewart Split?

robert pattinson

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson is busy recording his debut solo album which already has people buzzing whether the songs will focus on his heartbreak from the Kristen Stewart split.

Rob has been working on this music project for over a year now though he’s never actually considered making a full album and releasing it — he loves his job in the film industry but music is another thing he wants to pursue in the near future.

We heard that Kristen may play a part in some of the songs because these days, a lot of songwriters (yup, he writes songs too) tend to focus on love, break-ups and heartbreak.

This would be perfect for Rob who I’m sure has a lot to talk about when it comes to his split from K-Stew.

He could sing about how she cheated on him, how he then decided to take her back because he couldn’t see himself with anyone else. And then how things fell apart again when Kristen allegedly stopped showing interest in him and the relationship.

Ooh, at first we weren’t sure about this music project but now that we think of it, if Robert Pattinson plays his cards right, this could be a very interesting record! All he needs now is a duet with the Queen of heartbreak songs, Ms. Taylor Swift, and the album is guaranteed to be a success.

One source revealed: “Rob loves acting, but his real passion is music. He’s eager to record a solo album when he finishes up his film commitments. Last year, he started working with one of the top songwriters in the industry. They hope to produce and record a hit single when they are finished, along with an entire album as well.”

It’s really hard to break into music, especially when you’re coming from a field like the film industry. I can only recall Jennifer Lopez having somewhat of a success in movies while her music career continued to stay flying through the roof!

The songs he’ll sing about will certainly have me interested. Are you excited?

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