Jessica Biel Pregnant: Birthing Consultant Latham Thomas Spills Pregnancy On Twitter

justin timberlake jessica biel

justin timberlake jessica bielJessica Biel is pregnant, according to her birthing class consultant who slipped the news on Twitter earlier this week.

Jessica has made a lot of buzz in recent weeks when it comes to the tabloids and her alleged pregnancy. Some said she wasn’t attending shows with Justin Timberlake anymore due to her growing bump which she wanted to hide from the public.

But now we know that the actress and her hubby visited Latham Thomas, a birthing class consultant, which is strongly hinting at the fact that Jess is pregnant. We’ve heard the rumors, now we’re seeing the evidence.

“Highlight of my night- speaking about natural birth, home birth, & doulas with Justin Timberlake @jtimberlake & @jessicabiel #MamaGlow,” Latham tweeted following his session with the Hollywood couple.

He was quick to remove the tweet after seeing how much attention it had received. Clearly he wasn’t aware of the fact that JT and Jessica Biel didn’t want people finding out about it, hence why they’ve kept it a secret for so long.

“I would never disclose personal information regarding anyone I work with,” he quickly added on Twitter to try and cover up what he had just revealed to everybody. Haha — didn’t seem to work, buddy.

Last month, one tabloid questioned why Jessica Biel had “abandoned” her hubby from his tour, and why she no longer felt the need to support him at award shows. Well, I guess the answer is that she’s pregnant and she prefers putting up her feet than sitting hours and hours at these ceremonies.

No word as to how far along Jessica Biel is but seeing that she’s allegedly already showing a baby bump, we’d say she’s definitely past five months. Look at Scarlett Johansson. She’s SIX months pregnant and we didn’t even notice it.

Can’t wait to see this baby! Congratulations JT.

Written by Merema Leures

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