Charlie Sheen Refusing To Work On ‘Anger Management,’ Production Fuming Over Charlie...

Charlie Sheen Refusing To Work On ‘Anger Management,’ Production Fuming Over Charlie Skipping Work


charlie sheen anger managementCharlie Sheen is causing a lot of drama on the set of his show, Anger Management.

Sources reveal that the actor is refusing to show up to work on a weekly basis which has led to the production team having to re-write scripts and hire a stand in so that they can work around the mess.

It has caused so much confusion and problems that the production company, Lionsgate, is issuing Charlie with a warning, stating that he must show up on set when he’s scheduled to shoot scenes for certain episodes.

Anger Management has already proven to be a success, but Charlie now thinks that he can do his own thing without letting the crew know when he’ll be available.

The company has “now had to push back the wrap date beyond what was originally planned and a stand for Sheen has been used in a few scenes,” RadarOnline reveals. “Based on Sheen’s worldwide recognition, the show is expected to generate between $350 and $500 million in revenue from syndication sales.”

Charlie Sheen is making a whopping amount on that show — insiders reveal that Sheen easily makes up to $1 million per episode seeing that he draws lots of viewers.

But if he wants to continue making those millions, he’s gotta realize that not showing up to work is something you don’t do when you want to get paid. Will he ever learn though? *sigh



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