Julia Roberts Was A No-Show At Nancy Motes’ Memorial — Family Still...

Julia Roberts Was A No-Show At Nancy Motes’ Memorial — Family Still Disowning Deceased Relative?


julia robertsJulia Roberts was allegedly not present at Nancy Motes’ memorial, just weeks after her death.

The two sisters had a huge falling out which neither of them ever resolved. Nancy was very passionate on how she felt about Julia, writing on Twitter that she was a b*tch who only cared about herself.

You’d think that a woman like Julia Roberts who has the nerve to show her face at the Oscars last week would’ve shown some kind of respect to Nancy despite the troubled relationship that they might’ve had.

Sources for the DailyMail reveal that Julia wasn’t the only family member who didn’t show up to the memorial. Betty Lou Motes, mother of the two siblings, was also not seen which now has people wondering why both of them were absent on such an important day.

As sad as it is to hear that neither Julia Roberts nor Nancy’s mother were present for the memorial, we do know that several cast members from the hit show Glee, including Jane Lynch, showed up to say their final goodbyes.

If you weren’t aware, Nancy Motes worked as a production assistant for the FOX family show — a job that she reportedly landed through the help of her famous sister.

I’m so baffled as to why and how their relationship got so frosty. We’ve heard Nancy say that Julia bullied her for her weight gain among other things but I’m curious to hear Julia’s side of the story.

What happened between her and her sister that would make her not show up to her memorial?

Nancy Motes’ fiance, John Dilbeck, recently said: “Nancy was a tortured soul.  She grew up in the shadow of a superstar…Julia’s fame cast a cloud over her life.”

“Nancy adored Julia but she became increasingly resentful of the way Julia behaved towards her.  In Nancy’s mind, Julia was a bully,” he continued before stressing that he was set to marry Nancy in May but noticed how unhappy she was weeks before her passing.



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