Lindsay Lohan OWN Reality TV Show Flops: Oprah Winfrey Shocked Nobody Tuned...

Lindsay Lohan OWN Reality TV Show Flops: Oprah Winfrey Shocked Nobody Tuned In


lindsay lohan ownThings aren’t getting better for Lindsay Lohan now that we know just how bad her docu-series did last night.

Lindsay, the very anticipated premiere which aired last night on the OWN network, failed to get people tuning in despite the juicy trailer that was released just days before the first episode.

Analysts confirm that the premiere was only able to get around 700,000 people to tune in, which is even lower than Lindsay Lohan’s famous interview with Oprah Winfrey last year on Oprah’s Next Chapter, which gained 892,000 viewers.

Via “The first episode of Lindsay earned 693,000 viewers at 10 p.m. on Sunday night. While hardly a launch high for the growing cable network, it did mark the best unscripted premiere of 2014.”

“Lohan’s episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter brought 892,000 viewers in its premiere telecast, getting an extra 504,000 viewers with an adjacent encore.”

This is an extreme shock… to Oprah, seeing that she spent a whopping $2 million on the actress in hopes that LiLo can boost her network and its ratings, but unfortunately it’s doing the complete opposite. This brings up the question — what’s next for Lindsay?

We hear that there are still more than five episodes left of this so-called documentary, so producers will definitely keep their fingers crossed and hope that people eventually show some kind of interest in the fallen star, but it’s clear that nobody cares.

The show was merely done to focus on Lindsay Lohan’s comeback, hoping to jumpstart her onetime successful film career. She’s still scheduled to do a few gigs here and there, such as the one she just landed on 2 Broke Girls, but that won’t give her the longevity of a career she’s destined for.

It’s a very competitive industry in the reality TV world with so many shows out there… especially on a Sunday. Oprah is crazy for airing this on the same evening when they’re showing Real Housewives, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, among other juicy shows.



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