Chelsea Handler Grills Piers Morgan For “Being A Terrible Interviewer” — Watch...

Chelsea Handler Grills Piers Morgan For “Being A Terrible Interviewer” — Watch Awkward Interview HERE!


chelsea handler piers morganChelsea Handler is many things but being afraid to say what’s on her mind isn’t one of them.

The talk-show host grilled Piers Morgan on his CNN program Piers Morgan Live earlier today for not paying attention to her during the commercial break.

The comments Chelsea made pretty much came out of nowhere. Piers went on to say: “You tweet very amusingly,” to which Handler responded to by saying: ”I wish you did.”

“[You] can’t even pay attention for sixty seconds. You’re a terrible interviewer,” she added and judging by the gasps in the background, everybody seemed shocked by Chelsea’s choice of words, but hey – it’s not exactly a lie, is it?

Piers Morgan’s ratings for the CNN show have been falling week by week, to the point where the network decided to cancel it entirely.

Chelsea Handler decided to come on Piers’ failing show to promote her book, Uganda Be Kidding Me, but when the interviewer can’t even pay attention to you after they decided to book you for their show, the truth must come out. Haha.

“You have to pay attention to the guests that you invited on your show… maybe that’s why your job is coming to an end.” Piers stressed that the comedienne just wasn’t able to capture his attention, insisting that whatever she was talking about didn’t interest him.

Chelsea, keep your head up! At least your show isn’t cancelled!



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