Chris Brown Opens Own Modeling Agency — Hoping To Find The New Naomi Campbell?

chris brown model agencyWhile Chris Brown’s fans are still eagerly waiting for his team to announce an official release date for his forthcoming album, Breezy has taken time to launch his own modeling agency.

Chris is finally venturing out into different projects — he’s now looking for “professional-looking” models that he’d hope to sign in the following months to his spanking new agency.

The whole modeling company seems to be a shock to a lot of people, but one shouldn’t forget that Chris was also famously signed to Wilhelmina at one point in his career so maybe he was inspired by them to start his own? Who knows.

One thing we do know is that owning a company like this can earn Chris Brown a lotta money. But of course this can only happen if the agency ends up becoming a hit — judging by the groupies that have responded to the tweet, I’m sure Chris will figure something out. Haha!

Legendary Faces – the company’s name – plans on hiring models now that it’s up for business. Chris announced the news on Twitter earlier today writing: “My agency,” followed with the link to the webpage where dozens of fans have already applied.

According to the website, Legendary Faces is readying up for a huge year, supposedly looking for talented people in Houston, Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Miami and Los Angeles. The company supposedly has offices in all of these places. Hmm, interesting.

It’s nice to see Breezy focus on other things than music, because let’s face it… this album has been pushed back so many times that people are probably not even checking for it anymore.

So in case the album sales are low and the income he was expecting doesn’t end up showing in his bank account, he’s got the dough flowing from his other modeling project.



  1. GigiOnThat

    March 12, 2014 at 12:52 am

    Oh that’s really good

  2. KiaSoto

    March 12, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    good for him

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