‘Fat Boy’ Rob Kardashian Not Attending Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Over Weight Gain...

‘Fat Boy’ Rob Kardashian Not Attending Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Over Weight Gain Struggle


rob kardashian fatRob Kardashian doesn’t plan on attending Kim Kardashian’s wedding over his constant weight gain.

In a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, fans learned just how serious Rob’s health conditions have gotten — his liver is shutting down seeing that the reality star continues to indulge himself in junk food.

Sources close to the family now say that Rob’s already in a very bad place; he refuses to leave his home unless he’s forced to. His social life is non-existent and his siblings rarely see him because Rob doesn’t want to be around them.

It’s all down to his weight gain. But what’s quite surprising is that Rob Kardashian also isn’t interested in attending Kim’s wedding — he doubts he’ll be able to lose a whopping 60lbs by May and is therefore questioning whether he’ll show up to the event, which will be held in Paris.

“Of course, that could change. Kim is his sister. He loves her. But he knows this will be all about Kim and as usual, Rob feels he would be like the third wheel,” an insider confirmed.

The source then goes on to say that Kim’s relationship with her younger brother hasn’t been that great in years. In fact, Kim can’t seem to understand why Rob won’t commit himself to a fitness regime. She thinks he’s a “slacker” and needs to get his life together, but of course that is easier said than done.

“The reality of their situation is that Kim and Rob haven’t been that close in years and it’s very hurtful to Rob. Out of all the Kardashian kids, Rob is the most down to earth and level headed. But he is just trying to find his way in the world.”

What made the situation worse is that Rob doesn’t have that one person he can run to when he needs advice seeing that his “brother” Lamar Odom is now dealing with his own problems, not to forget that Khloe is divorcing him. Rob’s bond with Lamar has sizzled and now he’s on his own.

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