Angelina Jolie Stopping Johnny Depp From Marrying Amber Heard, ‘Johnny Suffering From...

Angelina Jolie Stopping Johnny Depp From Marrying Amber Heard, ‘Johnny Suffering From Midlife Crisis’


angelina jolie johnny deppAngelina Jolie does not want Johnny Depp to marry Amber Heard.

The actress has been reaching out to her old pal in hopes that she can talk sense into him after Johnny confessed his love to Amber by proposing to her earlier this year.

The couple are said to be planning their wedding for sometime this year, but if Angie gets her way there won’t be a wedding at all.

Why? Angelina believes Johnny is going through a midlife crisis!

Jolie, who has been married before, knows what it’s like to think you’re in love when in reality you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. Ouch — Billy Bob Thornton better take this story the best way he can. Haha.

Angelina also believes that Amber is more after the money than the so-called “love” she supposedly has for Johnny.

What makes things worse is that according to the National Enquirer, Johnny Depp is planning to marry Amber without a pre-nup, meaning Amber can divorce him and get some serious cash.

“Angie is worried the 50-year-old superstar is going through a midlife crisis and has become enchanted with the much-younger actress,” one source shared.

“She’s concerned he’s been swept off his feet by Amber’s charms,” another added before stressing that Jolie will continue to try and talk sense into Johnny until she’s succeeded in “breaking the romance up for good,” because she believes it’s for the best.

Wowza! It’s good to know that Johnny has friends that care for him but damn, there’s no need for Angelina to stick her nose into somebody else’s business like that. You give your advice and if they don’t take it, then let them live their life.

Should Johnny marry Amber Heard, I’m sure Angie won’t attend their wedding.



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