Cameron Diaz Doesn’t Want Kids! Would Rather Be ‘Happy’ With Pets Than Become Pregnant

cameron diaz jimmy fallon

cameron diaz jimmy fallonCameron Diaz has no plans on starting a family or finding herself the right man.

Friends close to the actress have been stressing her, saying that she needs to start thinking about finding the love of her life so that she can settle down and have children.

But that’s not exactly as easy as it sounds for Cameron. The 41-year old gave up on love after she split from Alex Rodriguez, realizing that she was much happier being by herself. In fact, Cameron could already be ruling out children from her life because of it.

A source explains that the Charlie’s Angels starlet is aware that she’s getting older and will have a harder time getting pregnant, but she really couldn’t care less.

She’s happy with her pets and her $50 million — she doesn’t feel lonely nor does she feel like she’s missing out on anything so instead of going through another heartbreak and searching for the right one, she’d rather not do it at all.

“During Oscar weekend, Cameron insisted to friends that she is fine and dealing well with life, despite not having a steady man for the last few years,” one source said.

“She’s very frustrated with how often she has to remind her friends how great her life is, right down to telling them that she has $50 million in the bank and her pick of any man she wants. She is DEFINITELY sick of friends trying to set her up and is more focused on her career than ever.”

My heart kinda hurts knowing that she’s “happier with her pets” than having children of her own and finding the perfect man. Sure, everybody can do whatever they want but Cameron has that kinda personality that kids love to be around — she’d make a great mom!

Cameron Diaz also dated Justin Timberlake at one point but after years of dating the relationship sizzled out and rumor had it that it was down to Diaz not wanting to take the next step in their romance. Justin was allegedly pushing for a family but Cameron wasn’t interested.

“Cameron’s advantage is that she’s not stressing out about having children, and she admits to friends she’s somehow replaced any maternal needs with her love of dogs. What’s sure is that she’s never tied herself down to one man with starting a family in mind.”

What do ya make of that? Should Cameron reconsider, or stay alone?

Written by Merema Leures

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