Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez Heading For Divorce: Nasty Fights Causing Marriage To...

Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez Heading For Divorce: Nasty Fights Causing Marriage To Collapse

halle berry divorce

halle berry divorceHalle Berry is this close to splitting from Olivier Martinez over his judgmental behavior that has been causing a lot of arguments in the couple’s household.

Ever since Halle gave birth to their first child, Olivier has been complaining — he doesn’t like it when she leaves the house, he doesn’t like it when she goes to work and he doesn’t appreciate her leaving their baby for hours at a time.

It’s driving Halle crazy. The two have been bickering back and forth about the situation. Halle strongly feels that if Olivier is at home with the baby, why shouldn’t she be allowed to go to work and make a couple of millions? That’s her job after all.

STAR magazine reports: “Things are really bad. They have had some extremely vicious arguments, and every small thing is causing issues.”

There’s more! “Olivier thinks Halle is spending too much time working and trying to lose weight and not enough on their baby. Halle is tired of Olivier telling her what to do.”

The tabloid makes it out as if Halle Berry is very close to reaching her breaking point with Olivier. She genuinely thought that he would be different to her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry in the sense that she wouldn’t have to argue with him all the time, but they’re both the same.

Speaking of Gabriel, sources for the tabloid then go on to say that Aubry and Halle have been on good terms in the last few months. At first it was for the sake of their daughter, Nahla, but now, they no longer mind being in each other’s company. I assume you know where the tab is going with this.

Halle famously married Olivier last year and if he’s already having trouble adjusting to the lifestyle then he better start filing the divorce papers now.

Berry has a lot of things planned for this year — most importantly, she’ll be on a world tour next month as she starts promoting X-Men: Days of Future Past (which I can’t wait to see!).



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