Matthew McConaughey Bails On ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel — Too Big Of A...

Matthew McConaughey Bails On ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel — Too Big Of A Star After Academy Award Win


Matthew McConaughey oscarsMatthew McConaughey won’t star in the upcoming Magic Mike sequel now that he has an Oscar.

The actor is getting a little too big headed now that he’s got the Academy Award under his belt. An insider close to Star magazine says that Matthew is acting like a spoilt diva.

He was set to star in the second movie of the wildly popular stripper movie, but no longer sees the reason on why he should take part now that Hollywood adores him.

“Matthew feels that he’s done his time,” one source said.

“Taking his shirt off is what got him to the forefront of Hollywood, but he is adamant that since he won an Academy Award, his acting skills should get him jobs.”

McConaughey feels that he can land much bigger roles now that he’s got his Oscar under the belt. Starring in a film where he’s shirtless most of the time would look like a downgrade in his career, at least that’s what the actor supposedly feels would happen.

Star’s report is a little confusing because just last month, Channing Tatum posted a photo himself looking at a statue that resembles Matthew McConaughey, hinting that the actor will be part of the forthcoming sequel.

Who do we believe, Channing or a bogus new outlet?

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