Ian Somerhalder Still Loves Nina Dobrev — Hoping To Win Her Back

Ian Somerhalder Still Loves Nina Dobrev — Hoping To Win Her Back


ian somerhalder nina dobrev datingCould an Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev reconciliation really be in the works?

Several blogs (and their sources) say that Ian is trying to win Nina back almost one year after the couple announced their were splitting up.

So why the sudden change of heart to get back with her? Word is that Ian has been really unhappy in the past few months — he thought his mood would eventually change but he’s been moody all around.

The actor is finding it hard to see his ex-girlfriend on set of the Vampire Diaries everyday knowing that he supposedly still has feelings for her. It definitely doesn’t help when producers of the show set him up to do intimate scenes with “Elena”.

Whatever the case may be, Somerhalder is attempting to win Nina Dobrev back and if she was to give him another chance, Ian has already told pals that he’ll do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.

“Ian hasn’t been himself since his break-up from Nina. They’re still good friends but Ian learned in the long run that he wants to be more than friends and that calling time on their romance was his biggest regret,” a source explains.

“He’s worried she’ll turn him down, especially with reports floating around that Nina is getting closer with Liam Hemsworth — he’s not sure how to approach the situation, but it’ll happen sooner than later.”

Oh — well if Ian Somerhalder wants to get back with Nina then he better hope she hasn’t already moved on. Last month we told you that Nina and Liam were spotted in Atlanta together. Onlookers said they looked like they were a couple, judging by their chemistry. Oooh!

Do you think Ian stands a chance with Nina Dobrev and more importantly, would she even consider taking him back?



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