Juan Pablo Getting Married To Nikki Ferrell — Already Has Engagement Ring...

Juan Pablo Getting Married To Nikki Ferrell — Already Has Engagement Ring Picked Out!


juan pablo nikki ferrellJuan Pablo is cheating fans of The Bachelor by pretending NOT to be in love with Nikki Ferrell to draw more attention to himself, when in fact the couple really do love each other.

Juan, who has already been named the worst bachelor of all-time, is loving the publicity he’s receiving after making it seem like he won’t propose to Nikki, but sources close to the couple reveal that the whole thing is just an act to fool the media.

Via CelebDirtyLaundry: “Juan and Nikki are still planning to go through with a wedding. According to the sources, both Juan and Nikki are playing up the tabloid rumors because it’s gaining them more public attention, but in reality, they’re both in love and planning to get married.”

Oh, and there’s more. Juan is currently holding on for the right moment to propose to Ferrell, but for now he’ll continue to cash in on the dozens of news outlets who are eager to pay him big bucks for an interview on what went down during the finale.

Pablo also happens to cover this week’s People magazine where he goes on to stress why he didn’t tell Nikki he loved her nor why he didn’t present her with a ring.

Once again, it’s not true — Juan actually already has a ring for his future wife-to-be but awaits for the right timing to get on one knee.

Many fans of the show are now coming to the conclusion that producers of The Bachelor are behind this foolish twist in the finale to not only get people talking, but to also keep their interest for next season’s run.

By now we should all know that though these “reality shows” pretend to show the reality of a situation, we all know that these programs are very much scripted for our entertainment.



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