Kylie Jenner Posts Half-Naked Nude Photo On Instagram During Miami Vacation With...

Kylie Jenner Posts Half-Naked Nude Photo On Instagram During Miami Vacation With Family — PHOTO

kylie jenner plastic surgery photo

Kylie Jenner
isn’t afraid to let her millions of Instagram followers see what she’s working with.

Oops — she’s sixteen, but seeing that she thinks it’s okay to post photos like these on social media, it should be okay to say what I did, right? Haha.

The 16-year old is currently on a fun vacation with her family out in Miami as they continue shooting scenes for their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

What makes the trip even better is that the whole clan rented out the Versace mansion and though they’ve only been there for two days, Kylie and the fam have bombarded us with pics.

From Kim showing us how fancy the place is to Kylie posing in her tiny black bikini, leaving little to the imagination. Kylie doesn’t mind it though, especially since it’s not to first time she showed a lot of skin on Instagram.

Are we supposed to think that it’s appropriate for a 16-year old to oversexualize herself on the internet this way? The thought of Kylie telling the person with the camera to get her from the right angle as she poses in her two-piece bikini before uploading it to Instagram is pretty disturbing.

But of course when your older sisters make a full-time living showing off their cleavage and posing in sexy outfits, you tend to think that you can do the same too — no matter how old you are.

People have pointed out that in the photo, Kylie Jenner’s butt look like it’s photoshopped because unless she’s had booty implants, there’s no way that her butt could have gotten that big. Photoshop dude forgot to retouch the image before posting it? Ha!


What do you think of the photo? Disturbing, cool, “sexy,” or not a big deal?



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