Chris Brown Jailed: Violates Judge’s Order As He’s Thrown Out Of Rehab!

Chris Brown Jailed: Violates Judge’s Order As He’s Thrown Out Of Rehab!


chris brownChris Brown has been jailed for violating the judge’s order after being kicked out of rehab earlier this morning.

The singer who was instructed to head back to the facility following a successful 90-day sentence, was reportedly kicked out today for reasons that are still unknown.

What we do know is that Chris is out of rehab and heading to jail… right now!

This is a real messy situation for Breezy because he was on the right path and suddenly fell off.

Sources say that he didn’t get kicked out for reasons such as violence or drugs, so that’s a good thing.

But insiders do say he had an “inappropriate relationship” with a staff member.

By “inappropriate,” we’re assuming that it could’ve been to a sexual encounter stage, right? I’m wondering how Ka-coochie feels when she hears about this. Probably won’t have any reaction to it because she doesn’t mind being the side-chick.

Either way, Chris broke “internal rules” and is 100% going to be facing jail time for it. How long will be determined by the judge who won’t be happy to see him again — at least not this soon.

What makes this so much more interesting is that Rihanna is currently on a flight back to the States while her boyfriend Drake continues his European tour. Rih was supposed to stay with Drizzy for the entire time he was abroad. Hmmm.

This obviously raises suspicion that she’s flying back to see Chris, but nobody really knows for sure.

The 24-year old will have some serious explaining to do once he faces the judge because the court told him before he went back to rehab that if he violated the terms, he’s heading to jail and there’d be no excuses.



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