Lebron James, Savannah Expecting Third Child: Savannah’s Pregnancy Confirmed

Lebron James, Savannah Expecting Third Child: Savannah’s Pregnancy Confirmed

lebron james savannah

lebron james savannahLebron James and his wife Savannah are expecting their third child.

It has been confirmed that Savannah James is pregnant again, and from what is being said, she’s already fifteen weeks along though her baby bump isn’t showing yet.

Reliable sources to theYBF reveal that the couple have been pretty private about the pregnancy though the entire Miami Heat team along with family and friends are aware of the good news.

It’s understandable for her not to tell the public until she’s gotten through her first trimester — but of course when you tell everyone who you’re close to, it’ll eventually get out and the media will hear about it.

Either way, Savannah is over the moon. Just six months ago, she married the “love of her life” and now she’s welcoming their third baby to the world. Things are definitely falling into place for her, right? Haha.

One source adds that the reason why Savannah has been absent from certain appearances she’d normally do with her husband is pretty much down to the fact that she’s been suffering from morning sickness.

It’s unclear when the couple plan on sharing the news with the world but it’s bound to be soon seeing that Savannah’s belly is eventually going to start getting bigger and bigger.



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