Yolanda Foster’s Daughter Gigi Hadid Poses Nude For VMan Magazine — Too...

Yolanda Foster’s Daughter Gigi Hadid Poses Nude For VMan Magazine — Too Young To Pose Naked?

gigi hadid model

gigi hadid modelGigi Hadid is taking her modeling career to the extreme by posing nude for VMan.

The 19-year old who is currently enrolled at college in New York posed naked for the fashion magazine, which is kind of ironic seeing that she’s not wearing anything.

Either way, this is definitely the most skin Gigi has shown to date.

She was recently featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition but young models seem to find the approach to doing nude photo shoots easier to break into the modeling world.

This particular shoot’s concept was that Gigi would be on a cross country trip to New York whilst posing sexy in the train. The photos turned out great, the idea of her posing naked in a train is a little strange though, don’t you think?

Either way, Real Housewives starlet Yolanda Foster must be proud to see her daughter follow in her footsteps. Yolanda also posed nude several times throughout her modeling career, so of course she wouldn’t have a problem with Gigi doing it either.

After having moved to New York last year, Hadid admitted that the lifestyle is completely different than to the one she was living in Los Angeles, telling the mag: “The big city has really been a place where I feel like all my dreams are at my fingertips. If I work hard enough, I hope to accomplish as many of my goals as possible here.”

Gigi Hadid is currently dating Dancing With the Stars contestant Cody Simpson. It’d be interesting to know how he feels about the photos — matter of fact, what do you make of them? Is Gigi moving too fast and showing way too much skin?

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