Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Revealed: Instagram Photos Prove Kylie’s Cosmetic Procedures (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Revealed: Instagram Photos Prove Kylie’s Cosmetic Procedures (PHOTOS)

kylie jenner plastic surgery

kylie jenner plastic surgery

Kylie Jenner has sparked controversy over some of her new Instagram photos.

The difference between the 16-year old’s lips from two years ago and now (see above) is very noticeable, which has people asking themselves whether she’s had lip injections done.

To assume that Kylie has had some help from a cosmetic surgeon wouldn’t be a stretch knowing that Khloe Kardashian is a frequent offender of having lip injections done. Perhaps Kylie’s big sister recommended her where she should get her lips done?

Of course these new photos come just months after tabloids claimed Kylie not only gets the injections done, but also gets Botox AND underwent a secret nose job to “smoothen out her face,” as a source put it.

Via FishWrapper: “OK! Magazine Australia has called in a group of specialists, all who agree with the notion that Kylie’s gotten Botox, utilized lip plumpers, and has had a nose job.”

“In spite of their claims, a rep for Kylie’s camp tells the Mail Online that the allegations are just nuts: ‘That’s so ridiculous and not true,’ to be more specific.”

One shouldn’t forget that Kylie Jenner is just 16 — perhaps she’s feeling the pressure to be “just as perfect” as her sisters who – without a doubt – have the help of plastic surgeons to make them look as good as they do.

What do you think of Kylie’s new lips. Are the specialists lying and making this up or are we sticking with Jenner’s story that she’s had no work done?

khloe kardashian lip injections


  1. She’s had great work done. But she’s too young. Have too much done, while you’re growing leads to disaster. Ask Tori Spelling.

  2. She did not have a nose job. She got jaw or cheek implants, eyebrows are different, possible removal of some eyelid tissue, and lip injections. And her makeup is different, probably had someone come in and teach her how to do her makeup to make her look more like Kim. Personally, her mother should be ashamed of herself for allowing her 17 year old CHILD to get plastic surgery. Shame on her. She was beautiful AS SHE WAS. Her mother is a bad mother.

  3. I just hope if Kylie did get all those surgeries it was without permission otherwise her mom and sisters are not very good influences


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