Chris Brown Kicked Out Of Rehab For Encounter With Women, Refusing To...

Chris Brown Kicked Out Of Rehab For Encounter With Women, Refusing To Take Drug Test


chris brown rehabChris Brown was booted from rehab for breaking three internal rules, including one that clearly stated he must stay at least two feet away from the women in the facility.

The very bizarre rule that has only ever been applied to Chris was given to the singer allegedly because of the whole Rihanna beating case incident — the facility wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t have another situation like that.

But it gets even crazier. Earlier this month, Chris left rehab without letting the staff members know he was leaving and upon his return, they immediately asked him to submit a drug test. This was merely done to make sure he hadn’t relapsed on his alleged weed addiction.

The singer initially refused to take the test until hours later when he was asked again. However, because of the fact that members of the staff had to ask him more than once to take the test due to his refusal, this was another violation to the internal rule.

The test came back to prove that Chris hadn’t taken any drugs or weed.

TMZ goes on to state that though Chris also had a sexual encounter with one of the women, this supposedly wasn’t mentioned in the rules that Breezy broke. What was mentioned though was that several onlookers saw Brown touch a woman in the facility, and this was not allowed. At least not for Chris.

Does anybody else think that Chris’ arrest last week was unfair. Now that we know the deal and what actually went down, we can actually sympathize with him seeing that they gave him “special” rules he needed to follow which seem quite ridiculous.

He broke one rule alone by touching a woman’s elbows and hands, the second one was because he refused to take a drug test that came back negative. What in the world?

Chris Brown makes a lot of mistakes every now and then, but this one is just absurd — I definitely don’t think he should’ve been arrested for this.



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