Leonardo DiCaprio Feuding With Matthew McConaughey, Hated Working With Each Other On...

Leonardo DiCaprio Feuding With Matthew McConaughey, Hated Working With Each Other On ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’


leonardo dicaprio angry

Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t like working with Matthew McConaughey on the hit film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

The two supposedly bumped heads quite often on set due to Matthew’s “know it all” persona — he would show up and allegedly start telling people who to act the characters they were portraying.

GLOBE magazine further adds that an established actor like Leonardo, who made $10 million from the film, doesn’t need to be told how to act or how to portray his roles. Especially not from someone who is so cocky, that he thinks he knows it all.

This report blends in well with the story we posted last week on how Matthew was said to be having second thoughts on being part of the Magic Mike sequel. His reason was that his Oscar award made him “too classy” to star in a movie that’s all about men with their shirts off.

DiCaprio had his first big break back in the late 90s when Titanic was released. Since then, he’s grossed more than $3Billion at the Box Office and can easily scoop a whopping $20 million cheque per film. Clearly he needs no help when it comes to acting, right? The directors seem to love him.

“Apparently Matthew thinks that his life is absolutely fabulous and thinks that everyone else could learn a thing or three from him,” CelebDirtyLaundry further added.

“It pissed Leo off and caused him to purposely try to steer clear of his cast mate. You can imagine the sting when Leo lost the Best Actor Oscar to Matthew, knowing that this was the last boost that the guy’s ego really needed.”

To get Leo and Matthew on a set of a movie again is definitely not going to happen. Nevertheless, do you think it’s right for Matthew to boss people around and tell them how to do their job?

Clearly they wouldn’t have been hired if they didn’t know how to act.



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