Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gives Jason Statham A Marriage Ultimatum: Marry Me Or I’ll...

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gives Jason Statham A Marriage Ultimatum: Marry Me Or I’ll Leave You!

rosie huntington-whiteley jason statham

rosie huntington-whiteley jason stathamJason Statham will soon end up being a single man again if he doesn’t end up proposing to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley soon.

The actress has been waiting for her on-again, off-again beau to pop the question for quite some time, but instead of presenting her with a ring, Jason treats her to lavish vacations around the world.

If Rosie wanted to jet around the world, she could do it herself. She’s becoming irritated by the fact that the couple have been dating for four years and for some reason Jason just won’t budge and put a ring on it.

Good pal Miranda Kerr has told Rosie that giving Jason Statham an ultimatum will open his eyes and make him realize that if he doesn’t make his mind up on whether he wants Rosie as his wife in the future, she’ll leave him for good.

One source described the friction between the two, saying: ”Rosie and Jason have had many ups and downs in their relationship.”

“But the supermodel has begun to lay down the law that if Jason doesn’t start getting serious about getting married, she will leave him. But the ultimatum idea didn’t come from Rosie herself but her close pal and mentor Miranda!”

Whiteley isn’t getting any younger. Okay, so despite the fact that she’s just 26-years old doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t start thinking about children and marriage. I actually like the fact that she’s thinking ahead.

She’s a successful model, actress and businesswoman. Money isn’t an issue for her anymore, but getting older and having no kids is starting become a concern. Why shouldn’t she start having kids and get married at 26? There’s no reason not to.

“After Rosie and Jason have spent four years together, Miranda would like to see her get married,” the source gushed.

“She only wants the best for her friend, so she’s urging her to give Jason some tough love. Miranda has been bragging to other friends in recent weeks that she is steering Rosie in the right direction by advising her to leave Jason if he doesn’t propose before the summer.”



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