X-Men Director Bryan Singer Denies Cutting Halle Berry From ‘Days Of Future...

X-Men Director Bryan Singer Denies Cutting Halle Berry From ‘Days Of Future Past’

halle berry storm

halle berry stormX-Men fans (including me) had a mini heart attack earlier this week when it was alleged Halle Berry’s character Storm only had one scene in the forthcoming movie because of her pregnancy.

Days of Future Past is just two months away from its big, anticipated worldwide release.

But news outlets had claimed that Halle’s baby bump was an on-going struggle for the production team to work around, and in the long run they decided to scrap dozens of scenes and have her appear in just one.

The news caused outrage on Twitter. Many fans slammed director Bryan Singer, saying he was to blame for the cut — but only a handful of people actually bothered asking him whether the story was true or not. Guess what. It’s not.

According to Bryan, Halle Berry will appear in more than one scene. In fact, she’s one of the key figures in the comic books so there was really no way they could’ve just axed her character out of the movie and pretended like she didn’t exist.

“No,” was Singer’s reply to a Twitter follower who had asked him whether Storm was set to make only one appearance in the blockbuster superhero film.

halle berry storm

The rumor that Halle wouldn’t be an important person in DOFP came just months after the actress herself stated that her entire script had to be rewritten after she announced her pregnancy to them.

This meant that a lot of fun scenes such as doing stunts in the air and kicking people’s butt with her mutant powers were very much limited to make sure Halle was still comfortable while her baby’s health wasn’t at risk.

“My ever-growing belly was posing a constant challenge. What I could do was getting more limited so the role that I play is so different from what it could have been, due to my surprise pregnancy.”

When I first learned Halle Berry was going to star in the forthcoming sequel, I was so excited. Then we heard that the initial storyline was very gripping in the sense that Bryan Singer wanted to give Storm a leading role and make her more fearless (like she appears in the comics).

But of course this isn’t going to happen now. We’ll just have to settle with whatever footage they have of Storm and keep our fingers crossed it isn’t awful or cringing.

Bryan announced last year that he had officially cut Anna Paquin from the movie due to an overwhelming amount of scenes that were more important. He insisted that the True Blood star would appear in the DVD version though. Ouch!



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