Jennifer Garner Refuses To Have More Babies With Ben Affleck — Wants...

Jennifer Garner Refuses To Have More Babies With Ben Affleck — Wants Her Movie Career Back!


jennifer garner ben poseJennifer Garner has told her hubby Ben Affleck she’s not interested in having anymore children seeing that she’s now working to get her own career back on track.

The actress, who has spent the last few years raising her three kids – Samuel, Violet, Seraphina – is said to be overwhelmed with the responsibilities and things she has to do on a daily basis while Ben is out working on movies himself.

Jennifer thought that settling down and taking a break from the film industry was a good move because she always wanted to have kids and start a family of her own. But now it’s at a point where she has an urge to get back to work and do something else other than take care of the kids.

What’s most upsetting for Jennifer is that Ben has asked Jen for more children, saying that he’s thinking about having at least two more. Clearly he’s forgetting that if that was to happen and he’s busy working, Jennifer would never have a day off for herself.

“Jennifer told her pal that the difference between having two kids and three is ‘massive,’ and  said Sam would complete their family,” a source tells RadarOnline.

“In fact, Jen admits she and Ben had only planned on having two children, and Sam was a wonderful but genuinely true accident. They love their kids, but she’s really had her hands full with three since Sam was born in 2012 and while things are starting to settle down, it’s been pretty exhausting, especially with Ben being so busy.”

Garner enjoyed some success last year after starring in the Oscar-winning film Dallas Buyers Club. We also did a little research on J-Garner’s forthcoming movie projects and see that she’s signed up for four other movies, meaning that having more kids is definitely not an option right now.

It’s definitely selfish of Ben Affleck to want more kids with Jennifer when he’s always working. The actor is currently training for his forthcoming role as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel which starts shooting later this year.

Good on you, Jen.



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