Jenny McCarthy Hooking Up With Jim Carrey Behind Donnie Wahlberg’s Back? (DETAILS)

jenny mccarthy jim carrey dating

jenny mccarthy jim carrey datingDonnie Wahlberg fears Jenny McCarthy may end up cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey after the two had gotten back in touch.

Jim and Jenny dated for roughly five years before ending their romance in 2010 — no reason was given as to why Carrey decided to split from Jenny, but he did say at the time that he wishes her nothing but the best in the future.

Well, clearly their break-up didn’t end on a bitter note because sources now report that Jenny and Jim are back in touch, which has Donnie worrying the two will get back together.

Wahlberg has been dating The View co-host for almost a year. He’s already told family and friends that he could definitely see himself marrying Jenny, which caused a rift in his relationship with brother Mark but he was willing to go against him to be happy with the “love of his life”.

Thank goodness they didn’t rush into marriage because McCarthy may end up ditching him to run back to Jim.

You know how it is. It probably started with Jenny and Jim running into each other, they talked and exchanged numbers, perhaps started phoning each other every now and then and are now at the stage were they could secretly hook up.

To be in a relationship with someone for five years is a long time. And most importantly, Jim supported Jenny during the tough times she had with her autistic son, Evan Joseph.

After their break-up, Jenny gushed on radio stations – particularly on Howard Stern – that her son looked up to Carrey like the actor was his father. The two had a close bond but after the romance collapsed, Jimmy felt the need to remove himself from the boy’s life.

If these so-called rumors are true that Jenny and Jim are back in touch, Donnie better start packing  his bags and get ready for the “I think we should take a break,” message that Ms. McCarthy will son be dropping on his phone.

Written by Merema Leures

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