Miranda Kerr Allegedly Gets Breast Implants Post-Divorce From Ex-Husband Orlando Bloom

miranda kerr breast implantsMiranda Kerr reportedly had breast implants done following her split from husband Orlando Bloom.

It’s unclear whether she allegedly did the procedure because of her break-up from her former hubby, but one thing’s for sure, her breasts have been looking bigger lately and surgeons say it’s all thanks to her implants.

“She appears to have gone from an A (cup) to a small C (cup) and her breasts help to create a very nice, curvy figure,” Dr. Anthony Youn explained after examining new photos from the model which clearly show a much bigger chest.

“There is no way to go from nothing to something without an operation or weight gain which she hasn’t done,” he said before ruling out that her boobs had gotten bigger during her pregnancy to Flynn.

Miranda barely put on weight during her pregnancy and was able to return to work and walk fashion runways within weeks following the birth of her child.

This raises the question on why Miranda would have the sudden need to get breast implants done — it’s a total no-no in the fashion industry to go under the knife for reasons such as getting an augmentation.

We could assume that it’s because of her crumbling marriage to Orlando before the two decided to part ways and raise their child on their own, or we can assume that she just did it because it was something she wanted to do for herself.

DailyMail continued: “While surgery could be responsible, it is equally likely that after losing weight following her break-up, Miranda is now in a healthier place.”

“And, of course, she is also sure to have a huge wardrobe of push-up bras to choose from, a perk of her job at Victoria’s Secret.”

A push-up bra is not going to magically make that much cleavage appear, especially when you don’t have anything to work with in the beginning. Miranda Kerr seems to have had some work done, but because they look so natural, you really couldn’t tell.

miranda kerr photoshoot

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