Beyonce Cheating On Jay-Z With Backup Dancer? Jay Cancels Schedule To Monitor Wife On Tour

beyonce cheating laurent

beyonce cheating laurentWondered by Beyonce’s hubby Jay-Z is following her on her European tour? According to OK! magazine it’s down to the “fact” that Bey has a crush on one of her dancers.

Many Beyonce fans may know that the singer never has men follow her on her tour as her backup dancers, she prefers to have a full-on team of women. #GirlPower.

But she recently made the exception of having the Le Twins brothers join the Mrs. Carter Show, and while they’ve provided a lot of entertainment on stage, there seems to be some kind of fling going on between one of the dancers and Beyonce.

A source for OK! explains that Jay is very much into his wife’s business seeing that he handles her management schedules from time to time.

He noticed that the 32-year old had a “very good relationship” with Laurent Bourgeois – one half of the Le Twins brothers – which was odd because Beyonce would never gush about her male friends the way she did when it came to Laurent.

Here’s what the source dished: “Does Beyonce have the hots for handsome Laurent Bourgeois one of her backup dancers? Jay Z, 44, is so concerned about her findness for Laurent , 25, that he rushed to his wife’s side in London.”

“Jay knows better than anyone the temptations of touring so he’s flown in to be with Beyonce so she doesn’t feel lonely. Beyonce loves it when Jay’s jealous and knows how to keep him on a short leash. She finds Laurent attractive…”

I totally believe it. Especially when you take into consideration the cheating allegations between Jay-Z and a blonde female last year that supposedly caused friction in the couple’s marriage.

There were reports floating around last year that Jay may have cheated on Bey while he was on his European tour with Timbaland. Aha! Now it makes sense why he’s rushing to his wife’s side.

Deep down I always knew their relationship wasn’t that perfect.

beyonce cheating laurent

Written by Merema Leures

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