Britney Spears Jealous Of Sister Jamie Lynn’s Wedding — Planned On Getting Married Before Her!

britney spears feud jamie lynn

britney spears feud jamie lynn

Britney Spears was enraged to see her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears walk own the aisle last week, telling pals she wanted to be the first to get married out of the two.

Really, Britney? Really?!

Sources for the National Enquirer write that the singer was so uncomfortable being at the wedding because she had supposedly told the family that she wanted to marry her boyfriend David Lucado before Jamie marries James Watson.

Clearly those plans didn’t work out, and quite frankly I don’t know how she expected to make this happen when she’s still working on her Las Vegas residency shows — she can’t just decide to suddenly get married just because she has a few days off. Sounds odd.

What should be noted is that Brit-Brit never even said anything about an engagement — how does the National Enquirer know that she wants to marry so soon? Especially when she hasn’t even been presented with a ring yet?

jamie lynn spears wedding

The source explains how Britney was “stewing with jealousy” throughout the ceremony because her younger sister “beat her to the altar,” knowing very well that Spears wanted to have her moment before Jamie did.

“Britney felt a little upstaged and a little uncomfortable because she wasn’t the center of attention,” the insider then continued to tell the tabloid. “That has always been an issue with her, but she’s learning to control it.”

What? If anything, Britney likes to be prevent being in the spotlight as much as possible, especially when she’s not on stage.

As entertaining as the report that the Enquirer has given us this week, Britney certainly doesn’t seem like the type to be jealous of her sister because she married her fiance before Spears walked down the aisle to her boyfriend.

Brit’s next step is engagement, not a wedding.

Written by Merema Leures

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