Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez Heading For Divorce: Fights, Arguments Causing Marriage To...

Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez Heading For Divorce: Fights, Arguments Causing Marriage To Collapse


halle berry faceHalle Berry seems to be becoming the problem in her relationships with men.

The 47-year old has struggled to keep a man throughout the years, and one could say that it’s down to the fact that she dates men who are… well, sorta strange.

I say strange for the fact that Olivier Martinez, for example, beat up Halle’s baby daddy Gabriel Aubry because he was refusing to let the French-born be anywhere near his daughter, Nahla. (See the photo below of the damage that was caused).

Enough of the strangeness, let’s get back to divorce rumors!

Um, yeah. It couldn’t have come any sooner, right? Hollywood is buzzing about Halle’s relationship to Olivier ever since it was first claimed that the two are constantly bickering and fighting over the smallest things.

Halle has been forced to stay at home and take care of her one-year old baby because Olivier refused to let her go to work and cash in on those millions she tends to make every year.

Martinez argued his case saying that the two have a child now and that Halle’s main priorities shouldn’t be flying in the air as she films scenes for X-Men and other movies, but instead she should be at home and look after the kid.

Olivier is a real drama queen, right? I felt some kind of way about him when he beat up Halle’s baby daddy to the point where his face was swollen like nothing I’ve seen before, but now you want to control your wife too?

STAR claims that Olivier just won’t let it go. He wants his wife to stay at home and not be on the set of a movie for months despite the fact that all of her current projects are filmed in Los Angeles, meaning that she doesn’t have to travel much.

“Olivier thinks Halle is too focused on work and losing the baby weight instead of their family,” the source said. “He’s been crashing at a friend’s house.”

“Halle doesn’t want him in the house unless he can be civil. At this point, the chances for a full reconciliation look grim.”

At a recent outing, Halle was not wearing her wedding ring which has only caused more speculations to arise — is Halle and Olivier’s marriage in trouble? The signs are there, but do we believe it?

The infamous photo:

gabriel aubry beat up face



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