Jennifer Aniston Pregnant: Wants Wedding To Justin Theroux, He Betrays Fiancee By Saying ‘No’

jennifer aniston life and styleJennifer Aniston recently found out she’s pregnant but fears Justin Theroux will still end up leaving her, Life & Style writes.

The outlet, which has falsely claimed Jen’s pregnancy on many different occasions throughout the years, is now recycling the story by writing that whilst Jen is super excited to be a mother, she’ll know it’ll just be her raising the baby.

There had been speculation on whether the couple were actually still going to get married.

Family and friends were awaiting for the news about their wedding but Jennifer Aniston hasn’t spoken about it once. At least that’s according to her BFF Chelsea Handler.

Anyway, we’re unsure how far along Jennifer is with her supposed “pregnancy,” but due to the ongoing problems she’s been having with Justin and his decision to allegedly move out of the actress’ Bel-Air mansion, Jen will be riding solo throughout this journey.

Sources for the mag say that the former Friends star begged Theroux to reconsider leaving her; she really thought he was the one and is still willing to try and make things work but Justin ain’t having any of it.

He’s grown out of the relationship and certainly doesn’t have marriage plans on his mind anymore. One tabloid claimed last week that the actor had already left Jennifer though the two were refusing to make an official announcement on their split due to the constant media attention it would get.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty pathetic for Jennifer Aniston to try and fix her relationship with someone who clearly doesn’t want to be with her.

But in some sense, I understand where she’s coming from. She’s in her 40s, she hasn’t settled down, has a failed marriage behind her and only ever saw happiness when she was on the set of a new movie.

To her it must seem like an embarrassment, having introduced everybody she knows to Justin and now he leaves her hanging in the cold. But then again, this story is from one of the most unreliable sources in celebrity news — do you believe it?

Written by Merema Leures

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